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Service & Support

Stryker EMS ProCare Service & Support

Stryker ProCare

Dependable, high-quality products are only the beginning of the Stryker Commitment to customer satisfaction. World class customer service and technical support programs help keep every product in top condition throughout its life span. Programs Include ProCare Protect, ProCare Prevent and OEM Technician Training.

ProCare service solutions are customizable and scalable to any budget. All ProCare offerings are supported by our talented factory-trained Stryker technicians, ensuring all equipment and documentation is maintained to the highest standards.

ProCare Protect

Our most popular offering ProCare Protect is a maintenance and service solution that provides OEM support with unlimited service calls and parts, and one PM per year, enabling you to balance equipment uptime needs within your budget.

In addition to the Protect features, Protect+ is inclusive of a battery replacement option. The battery program includes Stryker SMRT Battery and Charger.

ProCare Prevent

The optimal program for customers who need a total solution. ProCare Prevent provides enhanced service solutions that support preventative maintenance initiatives, which help optimize product life and availability. The program includes unlimited service calls, OEM parts, two PMs per year, and all proper documentation.

In addition to the Prevent features, Prevent+ is inclusive of a battery replacement option. The battery program includes Stryker SMRT Battery and Charger.

ProCare Training

Stryker training programs ultimately help facilitate maintenance and operation of your products. OEM Technician Training reviews best practices for preventative maintenance, as well as familiarizes your staff with product systems. Proper training will help ensure a lifetime of reliable performance, ensuring that your equipment is ready for the next call. Tailored to your needs, training can be conducted at your facility or at a Stryker-designated site. Contact the Stryker Technical Support department of your ProCare technician to schedule a session.


EMSAR is an independent service organization with Stryker’s Preferred Vendor Status.  EMSAR is ISO 9001:2008 certified and has been factory trained and authorized to service and repair a variety of Stryker product lines in the United States and Canada. Since 1993 EMSAR has designed service programs with the customer in mind. This helps to insure that their service programs meet the specific needs of the varied customers they serve. EMSAR’s dedication to quality and consistency is a key reason Stryker has authorized EMSAR to perform service on our products.

Visit EMSAR online at or call 800-733-6727 for contact information for the EMSAR Service Center in your area.

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