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Performance-PRO™ XT

Model Number: 6086

Ambulance Cots

The Performance-PRO XT sets the standard in weight, safety, efficiency, and durability that the rest of the industry is destined to follow. 

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  • Performance-PRO
  •  Built-in Pull Handle
    Offers maximum operator control during transport and stows out of the way when not in use.
  •   Lower Lifting Bar
    Provides maximum versatility for different size operators.
  • Side Release Handle
    Allows one-person raising and lowering of an unoccupied cot.
  • Shock, Knee Gatch, or Flat Leg Positioning
    Knee gatch provides patient comfort and greater lifting clearance.
  • Adjustable Load Height
    Industry-exclusive, three-position settable load height adjusts to different ambulance heights.
  • Lift Capable Safety Bar
    Assures handling confidence. Reduces lift height for smaller operators.
  •  Hand Clearance
    Hand clearance around the litter frame for operator safety.
  •    Retractable Head Section
    Delivers 360-degree mobility in any height position for maximum versatility.
  • Fold-down Side Rails
    A Stryker innovation. Side rails are designed to provide patients with a greater sense of security.
  • Pneumatic Backrest
    A Stryker innovation. Significantly reduces operator effort and increases patient comfort.

Innovation-driven engineering at Stryker resets the standard for manual cot design and operation with the Performance-PRO XT.


The all-aluminum construction makes it the industry’s lightest, yet most rugged, 700 lb X-frame cot. Proven performance and increased stability put the Performance-PRO XT in a class of its own.

Textured Grips

Textured head- and foot-end lift and grip design and duplicate foot-end controls provide ergonomics that accommodate different-sized operators.

Adjustable Load Height

An industry-exclusive, three-position adjustable load height adjusts to different ambulance heights for proper body mechanics when loading and unloading.

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