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Model Number: 6082

Ambulance Cots

The MX-PRO R3 is light, durable, and fast-handling. 

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  • MX-Pro R3 product
  • Pneumatic Backrest
    A Stryker innovation. Significantly reduces operator effort and increases patient comfort.
  • Break Away Head Section
    Shortest-in-class dimensions when folded. Maximized maneuverability in tight areas.
  •    Foot-End Controls
    Controls are duplicated on both upper and lower lift bars to accommodate different size operators.
  •  Patented X-Frame
    Patented, proven reliability under the most demanding conditions.
  •  Lift Capable Safety Bar
    Assures handling confidence. Reduces lift height for smaller operators.
  • Oversized Wheels
    Requires less force to roll, improving maneuverability over rough terrain.

Lightweight but Durable

This manual cot features a 650 lb weight capacity, yet it weighs only 81 lb. You get a lightweight cot that’s strong, durable, and easy to handle.

One-hand Operation

One-hand operation of backrest, side rail, breakaway head section and safety bar frees the user to perform life saving tasks.

Ergonomic Design

Foot-end lift and grip design and duplicate foot-end controls provide ergonomics that accommodate different-sized operators.

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