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MX-PRO® Bariatric Transport

Model Number: 6083

Ambulance Cots

The MX-PRO bariatric transport features a wide patient surface and wheelbase, providing stability during transport. 

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  • MX-Pro Bariatric product
  •    Fold-down Side Rails
    A Stryker innovation. Side rails are designed to provide patients with a greater sense of security.
  • Break Away Head Section
    Shortest-in-class dimensions when folded. Maximized maneuverability in tight areas.
  •  Patented X-Frame
    Patented, proven reliability under the most demanding conditions.
  • Fibercore Mattress
    Reduces mattress compression for best-in-class bariatric comfort and ease of transfer.
  • Pneumatic Backrest
    A Stryker innovation. Significantly reduces operator effort and increases patient comfort.
  • Optimal Patient Surface
    29" frame for greater lateral stability while providing patient comfort.
  •    Foot-End Controls
    Controls are duplicated on both upper and lower lift bars to accommodate different size operators.
  •  Lift Capable Safety Bar
    Assures handling confidence. Reduces lift height for smaller operators.
  • Oversized Wheels
    Requires less force to roll, improving maneuverability over rough terrain.


Compatibility with most ramp systems and existing ambulance cot fastener configurations allow service providers to deploy the bariatric cot when and where you need it. It is designed for existing entry thresholds, standard doorways, and exits for increased access. The tow package, side lift handles, and push/pull handles are available to reduce operator strain.

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